Limited Access Track Rig

We are pleased to announce that the Limited Access Rig is here and we are now Booking Jobs!

It is designed to work with hollow and solid stem augers, spilt spoon sampling, down the hole air hammering, rock coring and drive and wash casing.

The limited access drill rig is equipped with rubber tracks ideal for driving on asphalt, concrete and other surfaces. Rubber tracks are an advantage as they were built to move without damaging the surface.

For remote areas, the limited access rig can be transported to any site required.

Big Beaver Rig Big Beaver Rig Big Beaver Rig Big Beaver Rig Big Beaver Rig
Features Of The Limited Access Rig

  • Stanley Trac-Horse under carriage
  • Robin 25 hp gas engine
  • 2L4 Moyno Pump
  • Outriggers are removable for small confined areas
  • 2000 Lb. Winch
  • 100 ft max depth drilling
  • Down-The-Hole Air Hammer
  • HV Rock Coring
  • Spilt Spoon Sampling
  • Drive and Wash 4" Casing
  • Hollow Stem Augering
  • Soild Stem Augering
  • Vane Shear
  • Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Quick Disconnect Tower (low clearance)
  • Can enter through 36" Door Opening

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